For entrepreneurs looking to start a brand new business you may have come across the term angel investor or angel investor groups and not been entirely sure what they are or how they can help you start your new business. Angel Investor Groups are simply private investors who have formed themselves into investment groups or investment clubs so that they can invest more money into new businesses than they could if they were operating on their own.

Typically investors can be grouped into the different levels of capital they are willing to invest. Friends, Family and Personal investment generally sits in the lower end of the scale, investment from these groups of people are normally lower than what investment organisations can typically invest into a business. Therefore, (personal reasons aside) this form of investment may not be completely suitable for your own circumstances as you may require more money to launch your new business properly.

At the higher end of the scale you have venture capital companies who typically invest very large sums of money into new businesses. However, these companies generally don’t bother investing in smaller business start-ups as they are looking for large profits. So if you’re not looking for a huge investment backer then you can probably forget about Venture Capital firms as they won’t be interested in your proposition.

Sitting in the middle, plugging the gap between friends and family investors and venture capital firms are the angel investor groups who will typically invest a wide range of finance levels into business start-ups. Working with angel investment groups can be beneficial to an entrepreneur as it is possible that you will gain access to additional knowledge, experience and help from the investor. These forms of partnerships can work out well for all parties involved in the business.