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Hong Kong

ZEROPIC is a complex, intelligent high-tech Mosquito repellent solution inspired by nature. A human-protection-system that disables Mosquitoes from biting hence protecting beings from vector-borne disease like Malaria and Dengue.

¥ 4,000,000


¥ 100,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
10% raised

Picton Development


Commercial High Value Property development South West Australia. Business and people friendly strategic location. Private family business inviting Equity share or limited Equity shareholders to participate - this is open to interested investors

¥ 50,000,000


¥ 200,000

Min per Investor

25% raised

Accredited Crude Oil


Investors needed to join me in a crude oil purchase , ship to the Netherlands for refining, and sell at a higher than average profit. The oil and gas industry has consistently yielded a substantial ROI. Invest US $10,000 and gain US $12,000 -

¥ 10,000,000


¥ 25,000

Min per Investor

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¥1 - ¥2,500,000

Shanghai, China

I worked as an IT director before starting my own IT consulting firm in Sydney, Australia. I then moved to China to build a new venture in the advertising indus...

Areas of Expertise

IT Software Development, Audio

¥25,000 - ¥1,000,000

Shangai, China

With more than 8 years of experience in e-commerce in China, I have been involved in large e-commerce projects focused on APAC market (Greater China, Korea, Jap...

Areas of Expertise


¥1 - ¥5,000,000

Zhuhai City, China

I am an angel investor with a portfolio of 37 invested startups / companies spread across S.E. Asia and China. I have benefited from bitcoin investments over th...

Areas of Expertise

IPO, Business Development, Int

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