0% Raised

Fuelpay -Free Fuel Device


Fuelpay™ - generating free fuel; runs on blockchain technology for all types of land-based vehicles; proven functionality & technology; highly experienced team; targeting to sell 30.000 – 40.000 units on Kickstarter and 1.5 million units within 2022....

¥ 38,000,000


¥ 150,000

Min per Investor

73% Raised

Cask Irish Whiskey

Dublin, Ireland

A unique opportunity offering private investors returns of 8% + per annum by investing in cask Irish Whiskey.

¥ 26,000,000


¥ 380,000

Min per Investor

14% Raised

Back Office AI

South East, USA

NSG; A Savings Engine for Business. A cloud platform maximizing automated accounting, distribution & consumption management for offices; 5 corporate accounts with 235 users; $1.3 mn+ annual run rate; Targeting $15 mn+ funding within 60 months

¥ 4,700,000


¥ 33,000

Min per Investor

58% Raised

Mental Health Innovation

New South Wales, Australia

Aamica; Global social impact enterprise; Helping people fight mental health & loneliness; MOU signed with the largest anti-suicide training company; Award-winning global executive team; Full SEIS allowance; Already raised 400k

¥ 3,300,000


¥ 24,000

Min per Investor

80% Raised

Enertor Insoles

East Anglia, United Kingdom

Enertor Insoles; A global specialist in orthotics & underfoot technology; signed deal with UK sports for £10m+ (5-year contract); 10-year endorsement deal with Usain Bolt; Lloyds (1500 stores) & JD Sports (600 stores) interested; Already raised £400k...

¥ 4,300,000


¥ 8,700

Min per Investor

41% Raised

Cavern Walks Hotel

North West, United Kingdom

Rare opportunity for retail investors to realise up to ▶ 14% returns over a short investment term with an entry level of just £15,000 backed by a guarantee from a renowned, owner operator with an operational estate currently valued at of £537M GDV....

¥ 21,000,000


¥ 130,000

Min per Investor

23% Raised


Outside the USA, Canada

eMinnow; World's first motorized fishing lure; Consumers from 26+ countries; 2,000+ eMinnows pre-sold with 100% positive feedback; aiming to grab a share in the $46bn US market, and the bigger global market; Already raised $350k+

¥ 10,000,000


¥ 16,000

Min per Investor

29% Raised

Publicidad en Movimiento

Chihuahua, Mexico

Somos una empresa dinámica con pantallas de publicidad en Transporte Publico (Interna y Externamente).

¥ 2,100,000


¥ 210,000

Min per Investor

4% Raised


Bihar, India

Blog Battalion; technology of passive income via a network of micro niche sites that make you money while you do nothing; initial planning to launch up to 60 micro niche sites; Already profitable, generating a revenue of 300%; Already raised Rs 2m

¥ 4,700,000


¥ 4,700

Min per Investor

Per Page

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